Sunday, April 6, 2014

A new round in Lima

A new round in Lima, same places, not much exciting....

Costanera 700. Calle Manuel Tovar 179 (a la espalda de la Av. Del Ejercito 421, Miralfores. , Lima. Excellent food and service, clean and upbeat. This is a great restaurant although a bit expensive for Lima. The food (seafood with Japanese and Peruvian influences) is fantastic so you should try several different things. Service was OK. Wine by the glass at 30 soles (US$=$11) is absurd for Lima. The restaurant is clean and well decorated. Recommended.

(Visited February 2014)

Costazul Seafood. Berlin 899, Miraflores, Lima. Extraordinary Experience. Very surprised by the "Number 1" for Lima in Trip Advisor so we visited last August. At first we thought we were in the wrong place. The restaurant is extremely basic, lacking proper table settings. Napkins are paper, for example.... but the food and service are without comparison. Is this number 1 in Lima? Of course not, no matter how good the food is, a restaurant is more than its food. We highly recommend a visit and will go there next time in Lima. It is probably among the best seafood you will have anywhere in the world. The owner is extraordinarily warm. But don't expect even the most basic luxuries. So if you just want to "eat" (as opposed to going to a restaurant), this is as good as it can get.

(Visited August 2013)

Deli France. Avenida Santa Cruz 982, Miraflores, Lima. Continues to be one of the best! This restaurant never disappoints. The decor is classic french bistro, the service is the best in Lima, and the food a combination of home-made with fresh ingredients and without any false pretensions. You don't get the minuscule carrots or the often abused "fusion" of andean and european dishes. This is straightforward and honest french food as it should be. One of our favorites in Lima.

(Visited February 2014)

Pescados Capitales. La Mar 1337, Miraflores, Lima. Excellent food, service OK. We have been eating here on and off for the last 10 years. It has its ups and downs. This time (March 2014) the food was extraordinary, including the ceviche, octopus, tuna, etc. The drinks were also exceptional. But the service.... continues to be below average. This is a tip: ask for cloth napkins. They don't provide them but they have them, just ask (unless of course you prefer paper....).

(Visited March 2014)

Lima 27. Calle Santa Luisa 295, San Isidro, Lima. Extraordinary and finally Great Service in Lima! This restaurant is trendy, well decorated, and full of energy. The food is as in most good restaurants in Lima, exceptional. But finally this is a place with world-class service. The wine list is lacking, however, as most offerings are too expensive. But overall, highly recommended.

(Visited March 2014)

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